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I had a moment today, as I sometimes do. At times I feel like I am not worth anything to anyone. My parents never made me feel this way, I do it to myself. I decided today I would write about it with the hopes others can relate. Every minute does count, so I'm tired of wasting it on negative self-talk.

Every Minute Counts

I was the first born But last to succeed When will it be my turn To finally feel freed?

No longer was I The cute and cuddly one I was the eldest child and These big blue eyes of mine Just didn’t do it anymore

When school came around I wasn’t the smartest of the bunch I was behind they said My hand writing cryptic And could only be read When you held it up to a mirror.

My brother he was smart He has that photographic memory That could never tear facts apart

Why did mine seem to loose All those pieces that seemed So important to everyone else around me?

I wasn’t the fastest of the bunch Every minute counted they said But my feet like lead As I made my way across the finish line.

I wasn’t the prettiest Short and stout that’s me I can’t even reach five-three Like all those other pretty girls Who wore their hair long While mine was just wild bush

I never knew what I wanted to be My brother stole the spotlight from me Showered with gifts for writing As I kept deep inside This precious passion of mine.

I remember those words taught in school Every minute counts they said Study hard and you will succeed Run a mile and you will go far Put a smile on your pretty face And have a goal for life in mind.

I don’t have any of those things A worthless sack of potatoes But even then I feel like Potatoes have more value than me.

My desperate hand Reaches through this fog I feel so worthless in this place When all I have is This self-criticism inside my head.

Every minute counts they said And I'm taking back those minutes I'm tired of feeling so worthless When I'm here on this earth For some sort of purpose.

A reason...

I have a reason to live...

This beautiful life of mine...

Because I love living I love my family I love my friends And I love this planet

Every minutes counts...

Because there are not enough...

To enjoy this beautiful gift of life that's all ours.

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