Cycling Through The Seasons

Cycling Through The Seasons  brake stories

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This is for the daily prompt, where the theme is "brake".

Cycling Through The Seasons

It’s like riding a bicycle One that doesn’t have breaks I can’t turn around and go back As I petal forward life speeds on.

Spring moves through quickly Cherry blossom petals of opportunity Falling fast in the bright blue sky Catch them quick before they’re gone Or spring showers will fall.

Summers speeds ahead The sun hot with youth The romance thick in the humid air Colorful drinks blurs it all In a youthful bliss I wish would last.

Autumn creeps around the corner Children go off on their own People you once know fall Like warm crisp leaves In the cool autumn breeze.

Winter is the season I wish to never meet No matter how much I brake I skid across its icy streets My body aching and yearning for rest I’m scared for what I know is best.

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