An Idyllic Place
An Idyllic Place  idyllic stories

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This is for Astraeus's poetry contest and I chose the word "Idyllic" for my entry. I told them I would make these seemingly peaceful words darker and I hope I achieved this. The poem delves into the spiritual realm of a dying elderly cancer patient.

An Idyllic Place

I hate this place The weight of this body of mine Too heavy for my soul to bare I'm stuck in this place To slowly decay like a wrinkled prune At the wrath of cancer cells as they eat me alive.

My eyes too heavy to stay awake Not that I had anyone who needed me anyway The burden of life too much to bare As I felt myself slip away Into a long peaceful slumber.

It was only a moment after I slipped away I felt the gentle breeze tickle my cheek The rustle of tall grass as it swayed Under the warm summer sun Bright against my shut eyes.

A sense of peace Washed over me As I looked beyond This golden field

A gentle hand touches my shoulder My husband tan and youthful His bright brown eyes Making me feel at home.

Our embrace was filled with warmth The loving passion we once had I felt myself fall in his arms God I just hope I could stay in this idyllic place.

It was as if demons Yanked me from his loving arms I screamed and cried As horror washed over me The beeps grew louder and louder God please don’t make me go back.

I hate this place I want go home where I'm loved But instead I'm forced to feel the wrath My decaying body wants to put me through As my cells tear me apart and eat me alive.

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