Adjusting to Life Without You
Adjusting to Life Without You  swing stories

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This poem is for the "Swing" contest that talks about adjustment. This poem describes one widow's adjustment to life after her husband's death.

Adjusting to Life Without You

I let the petals fall from my hand As I stared back at the mahogany casket It looked back as if taunting me To say it was going bury my greatest treasure Leaving my heart empty and ripped in two.

Winter came for me then It’s howling winds filled the voids within Dull gray clouds filled my mind My heart frozen in time With sorrow holding me tight.

It wasn’t fair that others moved on Their smiles like distant stars No matter how far my arm stretched To take back a little bit of hope It was never enough to brighten my soul.

Adjusting to live without you Is one I don’t want to live in I pray death would whisk me away Bury my corpse right next to yours Let our souls be one in Heaven's gates.

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