A Summer Romance
A Summer Romance  feelings stories

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A romantic poem that discusses how people grow apart with the passage of time.

A Summer Romance

I met you when we were young Still filled with hope for a bright future The sun shined with tomorrow’s promise Your smile made me feel whole.

I remember the days we spent together Your words gave me the giggles Filling me up with bubbling glee My head swarming with warm fuzzy thoughts Like bright colored soda-pop.

Friends looked at us as a summer romance We would laugh and shake our heads But how could I have told you then To me you were always something more.

In my head I used to picture A future where there was always me and you When the day came and the sky went gray You waved goodbye as the autumn leaves sang As something cold grew in place of your warmth.

I bit back tears with a plastered smile Hoping we would only be apart for a little while However, summer came to a close and winter was near Our future would be spent apart In a cold snowy world all alone.

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