A Baby's First Kiss
A Baby's First Kiss  kiss stories

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The emotional account of a mother giving her newborn daughter her first kiss.

A Baby's First Kiss

She was born when the white lilies bloomed Bright pink skin Baby blues and very little dark hair Her wiggling brought a smile to my face.

My hand pressed against the glass Wishing that I could touch you Nurses and doctors filtered in and out But not once did they notice A mother’s presence in this ward.

A man came up to the glass Disheveled he was looking at you Tears ran down his tired face Shoulders sagging with heartache My god did it hurt to see my husband that way.

A gurney went past us It was just a body under a white sheet No one bothered to move quickly But it still hurt me just the same As death marched past as life began.

I turned to my husband as he fell to his knees No matter what I said he could not hear My touch too far away even as I kissed him On this final day.

A nurse went into the nursery and I snuck in I caressed my daughter's cheek and saw her smile. How unfair this all was because I loved my baby girl I bent down and gave her a kiss Knowing it was her first and final kiss from her mama.

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