The Soldier
The Soldier sad stories
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a_path I'm a writer, I suppose.
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A poem about a soldier. Because soldiers are far too underrated.

The Soldier

He woke apathetic that day, That fateful day in May, When the sun was hidden by clouds of grey. And he stood there, where predators aimed and killed prey, Where they kept everyone and everything at bay,

Till everyone and everything passed away. --- Shouts and cries, As bullets went by, With torn flesh and spilled blood, they lie. Their souls summoned, they fly,

Never getting the chance to say, “Goodbye”, And one by one, all die. --- The soldier, came to, and he ran, And dove for cover as fast as he can, But by a second he was far too late,

One, he felt it, one, two and three. And then he fell, His thoughts already in hell, And manly tears fell from his eyes, For he too will die a young man, For he too gave up his loved ones,

His lovers, and the ones he loved, and his life. And thence he remembered the one rule of all, Brave men like him, they never fall. --- He wiped his tears, He wiped them all,

First on his knees, and then on his feet, At last he stood tall. He screamed as he ran towards them. His commander shouting in his ear – “This wasn’t a part of the plan!” He let loose, and the bullets flew,

None of them ever hit anyone as he blew, But one of them fired, and one came through, And through the soldier’s head, it went through.

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