Untitled thorns
Untitled thorns addiction stories
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Approaching the bottle she picked it up and held it.

Untitled thorns

by: Mia

She sat on her porch in white underwear and a hoodie. There was something about her that seemed so calm, but I knew the truth. Her mind was racing with unwelcoming thoughts.

The eyes played on display held a story inside. She sat there for hours with the untouched rum. "Things will be different now" she lied.

"I won't touch the bottle,"she sighed. Sat there for hours. The sun slowly awoke to her presence, but the moon stayed for he would miss his dear sun. The sky and birds mocked her and drank there liquefied clouds.

She was not able to stay still. Trying to stay sober was unbearable. Approaching the bottle she picked it up and held it.

Starting to unscrew the lid she could feel things would be better. She just needed to do this. The lid was unscrewed it dropped to the ground. Smelling the liquid she frowned.

Tilted the bottle and watched as it fell to the ground. It splashed her bare feet. The bottle slipped from her grip. It shattered and weeped. For it was sad, she didn't drink it's warm liquid.

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