~each breath is a sign of life~
~each breath is a sign of life~

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a_nothingness23 i'm so tired
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you may want to read this (possible trigger warning ?); 253 words; 1,246 characters
I hope I can help someone out there today, tonight, later, anytime really :')
p.s. take your time :)

~each breath is a sign of life~

by: mia

ah, hi.

hello :)

i know I'm not the most inspiring person here,

or even the best "advice giver",

but I just wanted to let you know...

I understand it's a little hard to smile these days-

I'm here now, I'm not going anywhere

please put the pills down

I know I may not mean anything to you

and I may not know you...

but it would mean the world to me if you stayed alive

you're not useless

you have a purpose in this world

maybe you haven't found it yet,

but it's out there

if you put your hand to your chest and close your eyes

you'll be able to feel a thudding in your chest,

a heart beat

something that took 9 whole months to form

I understand you may not feel loved,

but there are people out there that love you

you may not be able to see them

but trust me,

there out there

you're alive

with a unique heart,

a heart no one else has

the words you speak are your own

you're the only you out there, there is

you're a living, breathing, heart beating human being

so smile

I understand it's difficult...

believe me,

I know

so just try,

if you can't do it for me...

do it for your parents,

do it for your siblings,

grandparents, pets, best friend,

just somebody, anybody

please put down the razor,

please put down the knife,

the bottle of pills, step off of that chair

and please,

stay alive

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