The Thriller Poem Series. Part -1 The Encounter.

The Thriller Poem Series.

Part -1
The Encounter. encounter stories

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About an officer who has to face a terrorist group.

The Thriller Poem Series. Part -1 The Encounter.

I stood with four bullets in my gun, thinking whether to fight or to run. I had dedicated my life for my people long ago; Then why couldn't I bring myself to go?

Suddenly I heard the sound of footsteps all around. I took quick cover and I held my breath the leader had come,confirming my friends' death.

My mind was racing, I couldn't do anything, I had to kill the leader, to make this land prosper.

Suddenly my mind replayed my life, My lovely son and my beautiful wife. But I loved my job much more and earned my family's curse; So I was not shocked when she asked me for divorce.

We five had been sent to kill the terrorist group who ruled this hill. but now only 2 remain; I hoped my prayers weren't in vain.

And suddenly I saw him on the other side I could see that he had put all other thoughts aside, I too made up my mind and mustered every courage I could find.

He then nodded at me and did a quick scan I understood it was to go with the plan He quickly reloaded his gun and I prayed to God till he was done.

he had made an opening and fired at one who dropped dead,alerting everyone but he was the fastest to act and finished off four before they could react

I shot 2,aiming a their head. and took a gun from one who was now dead. Those who scattered had reformed on the ground. But their leader was nowhere to be found .

It was 2 against the remaining five. and I knew we couldn't afford to die And suddenly from the enemy's rear he came from nowhere and killed all those who were near.

But sadly he too was shot before he could return. I screamed out with concern. They had found out where I was. And I killed one who came close.

Only one remained . I steadied and took my aim suddenly I was shot from behind. I fell to the ground only to find...

The leader was now back to his task. I could sense him sneering through his mask. "Isn't this a surprise"he said turning from my partner who was now surely dead.

My gun was lost and I was numb. He was watching me and biting his thumb I wondered why he wasn't killing me quickly. And Oh lord!It dawned on me-

"Son...,Is that really you?" He smiled and told"So you knew!" End of PART ONE Please leave a like if you liked it.

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