What A Little Hope Can Do
What A Little Hope Can Do hope stories

a_dancerow Community member
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A poem I wrote about the relief that hope gives me, in times of stress. Please enjoy :)

What A Little Hope Can Do

This little hope, a sproutless seed. Eager, just to grow. Can root, and spread, and frame, and build a world you start to know

A step into its fresh green grass and trees and hills to find. It leads your heart from all its cares, and leaves them all behind.

You start to dance, you sing of love, in this joyous time. Footsteps fall. Front of another, as you start to climb.

Peaceful peaks and snowy summits so soon you will reach. An empty heart, meant to learn, what hope intends to teach.

A painful past and hurting heart had turned my thoughts to lead. But Hope has built a peaceful place and lets me rest my head

I bless my friends, I bless my foes, for what I sow, I reap Curses hurt, but blessings heal and let my body sleep.

Unseen lands, and blackened night over oceans blue For I awake with oranged skies, my hope reborn anew

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