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a_brianaShe Believed She Could, So She Did
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There's this boy I know and he's the one...

The One

There's this boy I know and he's the one.

His skin glows honey under golden sun.

I know I said that last week, but this time girl, it's true.

This boy has brown eyes The last one had blue

This one has curly hair The last one perfectly straight

This boy never shows up to dinner late

Girl, I know you heard this tune before.

I sounded pretty sure about the last four.

But, I promise this time, this boy is the one.

I'm sure he won't ever break my heart

And unlike the last one, we won't grow apart

This boy, The boy I love right now.

I have faith he'll never let me down.

He'll always make a smile out of my frown.

And he'll be a nice placeholder with arms to I could run

Until next week: When a new boy is the one

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