One of Those Nights
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When I can't sleep and I just make a blurb of someone who can't sleep

One of Those Nights

The clock goes from second to second as my mind tries to go blank. I can't seem to keep my eyes closed.

They always wander to the blue light behind the pale mustard curtains. What could be happening? What are they doing?

Are the hands that hold me so tight and lips that never lie be hiding something from me?

Yet, no matter how many sleepless nights and painkillers I take my body can't seem to move.

My brain wants to command my arms and yank the striped linen to reveal the secret that was hidden from me, yet my heart says to be trusting.

Why does this humanly hope of mine always take shape? The whispers of the eyes around me tell me to take a glimpse, yet the resistance of my feet trips itself until I go back to my place.

Are you really worth it...? Am I going to live a lie with you, because I-

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