The Break Room
The Break Room
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An Idea that came to mind

The Break Room

Everyday life is on the move.

We wonder the world and go about life on feet.

As our shoes shuffle themselves here and about.

As lips form a tune through the soft breeze.

Yet, as the world demands speed, we now have times to halt our walk and step in the break room.

Through the many wheels made by hands of an advanced age.

We enter the subway, listening to beats as we scroll through other people's lives in a small light box.

We climb the short steps into seats with cupholders and a small rearview mirror that overlooks the whole area.

Slowly, we drift away from our short lives' needs and wait awhile before we get back to our daily worries.

With this break room, we take a breather.

We think about our lives as our eyes wander to the big skyscrapers, grasslands, or the small light box that beeps with every click.

In these break rooms, it is where we evaluate on our everydays, check up on the world or simply take a break.

It can also be where things can start to change.

As the thoughts form, bit by bit everything changes.

A small argument about who has the best team in Pokemon can become a team effort battle against dad.

Through checking on the latest drama our lips start curling upward as we exit the station.

Through few words in the light box, the street tempo could suddenly change.

You were too busy to look.


Life on Wheels.

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