Tell Me Differently By Zachariah
Tell Me Differently

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Tell Me Differently - By Zachariah Holmes 7/18/2019

Tell Me Differently By Zachariah

Your heart lingers inside of my mind Since we broke up I can't stop thinking of your face That I fell in love with I'm a gullible girl who doesn't know How to say no to you.

Would you knock again If I yelled At a boy who I'd love Despite your heart cheating on me Cause I dream of you Since you do the same for my heart.

Would you leave me All alone inside my lonely room That I take refuge in Hoping that I don't see you again.

Promise my heart I won't see you With another gullible girl That she'll be tricked by your face Perhaps I save her Or let her little heart be shattered Something I can't allow.

Grabbing her arm ever so tightly Telling her my story Of the man I once loved before He cheated on me

As the tears from this little girl Flows down her cheeks Telling me she's thankful for me By not allowing a boy Break the heart of a fragile one.

Perhaps we can hang out sometime Hate to see her alone Inside of a cruel world with bad boys That truly know better Except for breaking little girl's hearts.

I will protect you little one Before those boys make the ugly cries Come out of you As I'll lend a shoulder out to you A place for the tears since you're afraid.

I wanna say to you That I'll always be next to you Since you're in love With another boy I don't know If I could trust him Perhaps it's your sole decision.

Please just be safe Know the consequences also Don't let him do it As the tears come down too Telling me differently That you'll be okay without me I know I can trust you

Since I saved you a long time ago Now you're all free From my own arms that I grasped A boy a long time ago.

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