Second Hand Smoker Girl By Zachariah
Second Hand Smoker Girl

By Zachariah smoker stories

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Second Hand Smoker Girl - By Zachariah Holmes 7/13/2019

Second Hand Smoker Girl By Zachariah

Girls who second hand smokes Are often prettier Than girls who wear a crown On their petty heads.

Since I'm the bad one Who loves you Now I hope you pay up By seeing my eyes

That shine in hazel glow But you neglectful Rather stare at petty girls Than at me.

Clocks turn slowly when I cry When you look away Don't say that you're interested It'll break my heart

That's shattered enough already I got to look away Before you capture my heart again.

Since you like girls with crowns On their petty heads That's don't look good on them Except for my head That's full of prosperity and love Something you need.

What can I do To have you fixed onto me? Does plastic surgery Possibly make you love me Or is starving myself

Make you pay attention to me Something I love to see Since I'm a crazy girl who loves A sinner who hates me.

You're my sinner boy I love to see I got to sell my hair Since you hate my brunette looks What can I do

Since I'm a good girl going to hell Unable to change me Because some boy wants different.

Once your eyes starts to awaken You'll miss out on me Since I've moved my eyes from you Cause you're a sinner

Who wants to change my appearance Because you're insane Cause my prettiness was too petty Specifically for you only.

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