Petty Lies By Zachariah
Petty Lies

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Petty Lies - By Zachariah Holmes 7/11/19

Petty Lies By Zachariah

Pretend that you can fly Flying high as lies go Lying about your conscious I can't tolerate that

As I'll fly higher than you Without ever lying Cause I'll remain dreaming Consciously aware That I truly know my mind.

My lies are foolproof for you Gullible as you are Selfishly unaware of your lies Get worse as you fly Higher into your own gray skies

As my own blue skies Filled with cockiness and sweets Something I cherish Never worrying about some lies That you set on yourself.

Sometimes I wake up at night Worrying about lies That you set on my lucid mind Cause I rather daydream Than dream of this nightmare That you set on me.

Cold sweats in the middle of night Keeps me at midnight Worrying about some petty lies That you put on me I'd rather sleepwalk and choke you Out of this nightmare.

Better be scared you sinner Cause I'll fucking kill you Before your petty lies can kill my lies Cause I'm filled with rage

My cockiness and rage is always killer When you forward a step Towards my lying oppression.

Did I just reveal myself I fucking hate my petty lies That I set onto myself As I realized we're the same minds

That always think alike Running like crazy salvages we are Hunting for our next victim Setting some petty lies on themselves.

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