Let the Devil In By Zachariah
Let the Devil In

By Zachariah  devil stories

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Let the Devil In - By Zachariah Holmes 6/14/2019

Let the Devil In By Zachariah

Am I dreaming or drowning I truly don't know

But let me tell you something Before you go away

Cause I gotta tell your mind To be cautious of me

Cause drinking your own blood Is something I love.

As your blood is all mine Cause I like you

And I'd love to drink you Bleeding slowly

So that I can take my time To get it all out Just in time to save myself.

I didn't stay awake at midnight To not see you suffer

Cause suffering is a pleasure To a devil like myself

So just come on over anytime Now that we can drink All by our lonely, crazy minds.

Lucifer is a cousin of mine Wanting to stop by

Our drinking, manic bloodfest Something we share

So sit back and don't worry Cause It'll be fun Till Lucifer decided to show up.

Why do you cry blood in tears I can't stand seeing

Now that I yell at you clearly To fix your lucid mind

Before I drink this blood away As you look into my eyes

And quickly ask me to run away Cause you're truly insane

Crying blood out of your eyes In a space I can relate.

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