Coffee Shop By Zachariah
Coffee Shop

By Zachariah lgbtq stories

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Coffee Shop - By Zachariah Holmes 6/15/2019

Coffee Shop By Zachariah

Pouring rain in this coffee shop Waiting for you only Just for a pity business meeting

That I set up all alone So I'm going to be perfectly honest

I just want to tell you That I just wanted to see your face And say that I love you.

Just two girls in this coffee shop Unaware of their future

That I'm just curious if you feel The same way I do When I saw you for the first time

With your black hair That's in a ponytail of assiduous Something I truly love

Is a certain someone I flatter The first time I saw you.

With your skirt that hangs low Something I flush over Cause I'm just a girl who admires

The beauty you fathom So please show up to this meeting Don't you ever be late

When I ask you to marry my soul A soul so precious to me That a no, from you, isn't an option.

Don't get me started on your eyes That shine in hazel glow Something that I truly love to see

When I look at your skirt Flowing in the wind that's howling Everytime you look at me

My heart runs a million beats daily When I see you all alone Afraid to express my feelings to you

The same way you are When I walk past your hazel eyes.

Everytime that your glow shines When you walk into The meeting that I set up for us

But it's just business And business must be attended

So I'm unable to express My feelings for you, but I'd care If you followed me out

Of this coffee shop that we met For the very first time.

Walking out of this coffee shop You grabbed at my arm As you told me that you loved me

A dream coming true That I'd ask you to marry my soul And you didn't say no.

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