Awkward Tears By Zachariah
Awkward Tears 

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Awkward Tears - By Zachariah Holmes 7/8/2019

Awkward Tears By Zachariah

Don't let your tears run dry When I'm next to you Since the pain is inside you Who even hurt you Can't you lie to me this time?

Wake up the next morning And tell those lies That you're telling my heart I just care about you Don't you close your eyes When your pain Is inside of your heart too.

Don't let the sun fall down Before it falls on you The pain you succumbed too As the skies are dark For the person I love the most.

Perhaps the pain is just me Looking at you Closely coming to realization That the sole pain Inside of your heart is from me.

What can I do I'm lost as the same as you I can make you cry Before I can make you smile.

Now I can't look at you closely Makes you awkward Since I'm the pain inside of you What can I do Since you can't even talk to me.

Now I'm all confused Acting all belittled towards you Is that the right way To treat the pain inside of you Or will the pain Solve itself all by yourself.

Will holding your hand Solve all the pain inside you Or will my ignorance Remove yourself out of my life.

I just don't know If I can save you this time Just hold onto me Since I've grasped your heart I got a hold of your soul That was so lost for a long time.

Now will everything be normal Or will it be awkward Your heart intertwined with mine Definitely by my heart That's just as lost as yours too Promise me one thing You'll be okay when I'm sad.

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