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Lance, an amazing surfer who was great with people. Tall, dark short hair with beautiful skin. He was known around for his looks and flirtatious moves on both girls and boys. Then we have the amazing Keith. A bit of an out caster but an amazing person. He seemed edgy and rude but was actually just a boy who wanted affection.

The two meet at a beach part that they were both forced to attend by some of their friends. From there on, their relationship blooms….but any flower can rot.

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by Me

"Beautiful" Lance said as he looked at the sea that laid in-front of him. He stood there, in his thin shorts and iconic shell ankle bracelets. The skies colors were straight out of a painting.

The colors of blue, purple and pink, blended across the sky. Grabbing the custom made surfboard, Lance began to walk to the sea bay. Looking down at his feet that were buried in the sand.

The oceans wave would sweep across his cold feet and leave with nothing left.

Each step leading him into the vast ocean. The more Lance enjoyed the water, made him second think about surfing and just enjoy the water with a late swim.

So he did, throwing his board back on the sand.


The black haired male sat at the park's bench alone, waiting for his friends to come back from their restroom break. Looking into the sky, Keith thought of how beautiful the sky is.

It amazed him... Space that is... anything that the mind can't really comprehend. It gave him hope, hope that there's something put there other than humans.

Keiths' train of thought was brought back by the loud "Hey!" That came from Adam and Shiro. His two older friends that he has known for a while now.

They raised him in a way, even though they're not that old to be his parents. "Hmmm.. its getting late out guys.... should we go somewhere else?" Adam said, looking around at the empty park.

"OH! How about the beach? It's gonna be a full moon tonight and the view should be really fucking amazing". Said Keith, in a bit of a higher pitched voice.

The sound of excitement, that's what it is. "Okay yeah... that's a bet"

Shiro said with a small nod and smile. The small friend group grabbed their things and headed to Shiro's car, carrying on their small conversation as they walk.

The beach, the smell of salt water, the sound of seagulls that would flood the sky. The soothing sounds of the small calm waves. It felt amazing to Keith. Kinda felt at home in a away.

He wasn't even raised at a beach, he just finds it relaxing.

"Shiro, take your shoes off, you don't wanna get sand in them you dummy" Adam said with a heartwarming chuckle. Shiro turned to look at him with a sigh"fiiiinne"

Once the lovely group got their stuff together, they headed to the sandy heaven. Walking further, Keith noticed a young man in the water. He wasn't far but he wasn't that close either.

He didn't pay no mind to it sense it wasn't odd for people to go on late night swims, mainly when there's a full moon.

Speaking of a full moon... it looked beautiful. Keith's eyes trailed away from the young man from the distance to look at the scene in front of him.

"Beautiful" Keith said, his eyes sparkling with nothing but joy. The smile slowly creeping his face as well. Shiro and Adam took a glance at each other then walked over to Keith. "Yeah..

it really is huh?" Adam said, rubbing Keiths back to smooth him a bit. Shiro glanced at the Male once he got closer to the water "Oh...That's lance" he said when a laugh.

"Who?" Keith and Adam said. "He's an old friend of mine actually, we were really close in high school" Shiro said as he took in a deep breath and yelled out to the male at sea. "Ay!!LANCE!"


Lance was snapped from his own train of thought once he heard his name be called from behind him. Turning around to see the familiar man. Lance grew a smile and quickly swam to land.

Slowly reaching back, lance walked over to Shiro and gave him a hug. "Awe damn lance you're all wet !" Shiro said with a graceful laugh. Lance rolled his eyes "well duh....

you look as handsome as ever" lances eyes trailed away from shiro, to meet the eyes of two others. He looked at the boy who was about the same age as him "well hi..

aren't you cute" lance said with a sly smirk.

He walked over and looked over at Adam "I know you! Shiro talks a lot about you-" shiro quickly elbowed lance in his side and laughed nervously as Adam was left dumb founded.

"Uh anyway, this here is Keith and Adam" Lance, who was now in pain but understood the single, waved at them. "Names Lance" he said, winking at Keith and giving Adam a warm smile.

Keith cleared his throat and spoke a bit nervously"uh.. nice to meet you lance" He said as he caught Shiro giving him a smirk. Keith gave him an eye, his way of telling him to shut up.

"Why are you out late? I'm guessing you like swimming ?" Adam said "Guys this is McClain" That was all shiro had to say for both Keith and Adam to make an oh with their mouths.

"Yeah that makes sense now" Keith said with a small laugh. " Yeah, I was gonna surf but I decided to enjoy the water instead"

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