Haunted sleepover
Haunted sleepover sleepover stories

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Megan got a sleepover invite and during the sleepover everyone went missing and were never found

srry got lazy at the end

Haunted sleepover

Megan got an invite to a sleepover by her friends. She was excited about it.

Later that night at the sleepover they were telling ghost stories, and one of her friends said she had to go to the bathroom. So they didn't worry about her for a while and kept telling stories.

"Hey guys, don't you think we should go check on Breanna?" Megan said

"Yea, we probably should," said Morgan So they went to check on her but they didn't find her.

So they checked the whole house and still didn't find her and they couldn't ask the parents if they saw Breanna because they weren't at home.

Even later that night, they were watching a movie. Their friend Lilyanna went to go get more snacks.

Just like earlier, she was gone for a long time and they couldn't find her anywhere in the house but they did see the snacks spilled across the kitchen floor.

Megan, Morgan, and Jade decided to stick together for the rest of the night. But the next morning Jade had disappeared too.

At first, Megan thought "Maybe she's just going to the bathroom?" "No, I don't think so Megan, her bed is cold. She hasn't been in here for a while," said Morgan

That kept on happening until none of them were left. None of them were found again. The parents packed up and moved after that.

(sorry got lazy on this)

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