My First Love Story That never really happened

        My First Love Story 

That never really happened
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This is a teen love story that needs to be completed

My First Love Story That never really happened

There she was standing near the lecture stand. I was looking at her I never wanted to do that but I can not help. She looked very pretty as usual. No!! she was not my teacher but my classmate, Dhriti. Yes, my first crush, the only girl I admired. She was always well dressed in her neatly ironed blue pants and checked shirt, She looked adorable.

She was very bright student and was loved by teachers. She was fat in 6th grade but this year she has lost weight and looked really cute. Her best feature was her face, her little lips were always natural pink, her nose was perfectly designed, her brown eyes showed her heart, they expressed more than she said and a little mole on her chin was cherry on cake.

A teacher asked her to keep a check on students till she returned and this was Dhriti's favorite thing to go and stand near the lecture stand. She was a good speaker and she always said mike, stage and lecture stand are her things. Then the teacher entered, she sat back on her seat. The last bench was where she sat with her bestie Muskan. The bench besides there belonged to Tanmay and Raj.

Tanmay was also fat. Dhriti and Tanmay studied in same school till 5th grade but they never talked as told by them. Tanmay liked her and everyone knew it but no one told her. These four were best of friends. We had a free lecture and everyone was talking the last four people were playing Truth-Dare. Dhriti called out my name I was stunned she asked me if I wanted to play. I said Yes.

They knew each other well so they gave Tanmay the dare to propose Dhriti, she just laughed and let go of it. Then it was my turn I chose Truth. Raj asked me if I like any girl I sighed and said Yes, I do. Everyone jumped on me and asked who she is I did not tell them, actually I had no courage to say it.

This news spread like air and everyone knew I like a girl. At night in the hostel all the boys asked me and I told them its Dhriti. Tanmay was a felt bit uncomfortable and he left. The whole night every guy motivated me to propose her. They just wanted to know what that beautiful girl had on her mind.

To be continued..............

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