My First Love Story Part-3

           My First Love Story

                          Part-3 romance stories

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Dhriti is having fun but Uday is worried. How will she react??????

My First Love Story Part-3

A few days passed now Dhriti and I have become friends not much like that but we talked a little, passed smiles and my most favorite were the glances we stole. She looked more beautiful day by day. I still liked her but I was sure not to mess up things again.

She is sitting on her seat. It’s the homework class. She is in her black track pants and pink embroidered top that has flares at ends of arms. Her hair is wet and she half tied them with a few hairpins. She looked adorable. She was talking to Raj and was laughing merrily.

Suddenly, two individuals entered our class. I know them. They are Vishal and Manish from 12th grade. Vishal was tall, fit man with fair complexion and sharp features. While Manish was short and dark, he was a nerd.

Then Vishal announced that the teacher on duty is busy, he has sent them to ensure discipline in class. When he said so, his gaze was fixed on Dhriti. I can’t blame him. She is beautiful. Then both of them sat on empty seats and buried themselves in books.

After sometime, Dhriti, Muskan, Raj and Tanmay started talking. They were chatting, laughing and making lot of noise. Vishal warned them twice but they could not resist. Finally, he exchanged seats with them. Vishal then started asking girls their names.

When he reached near Dhriti, before she could say anything, he said, “Dhriti, right.” Her cheeks were red. She always turned red in any situation. Vishal saw her Biology notebook lying on her table, on which she drew an awful diagram of human heart. She hated drawing.

She caught him staring at it and tried to hide that and said, “I know it’s really bad, but I can’t draw better than this.” He replied, “No! It’s fine. Wait I will teach you.” And he held Dhriti’s hand, which had pencil in it. I was jealous. I could have killed him for this. They were very close. He started drawing. I must admit the diagram was beautiful.

He even drew a love heart and said, “Human heart is as simple as love heart.” She did not react. I saw Raj teasing Dhriti he was lip sing that Vishal liked her. She did not react but she was happy with the diagram. All the girls sitting near her were talking to Vishal but his eyes were fixed on Dhriti. Then the bell rang. Vishal and Manish got to leave.

Raj returned and made Dhriti laugh. As Vishal was leaving, he saw her laugh. He went out and then returned and smiled at her. The whole class went nuts. This time Dhriti’s face looked like a red tomato. I was jealous very jealous.

In the evening, I saw Vishal. I felt hurt. He was coming in my direction. Closer. More closer. He stopped near me and said Hello. I replied the same not really wanting to do so. Then he asked, “Is Dhriti single?” I could see his eyes glittering which I did not like at all.

I replied, “Yes, she is.” His face lit up. I knew his intention. For next few days, he came to our class regularly during breaks. He talked to Dhriti, made her laugh and would see her gleefully. I hate this scene. I told her to stop talking to him but why would she listen to me.

One fine day, again in homework class, Vishal and Manish came. Dhriti smiled and said, “Hello!” She looked beautiful in her track pants and red V-neck t-shirt. Her typical athlete look suited her best. Vishal took Tanmay and Raj’s seat. He was talking to her. He said, “You look beautiful, today.”

She replied, “I look beautiful everyday but thank you.” She is sassy; I love her more for this reply. On this Vishal just laughed. He got up and sat with Dhriti, she was uncomfortable and I could see that on her face. She shifted a little away. He held her hand and looked into her eyes.

He had slight smile on his face. It seemed like he said a lot in that silence. How could he do that? I was furious. She could not react. He held it more tightly and then bell rang and he left the class. He looked back few times.

After he was gone, Dhriti relaxed. She was encircled by everyone and they were asking what happened. I also went and saw “I LOVE YOU” printed on her hand. Now I understood what he did.

I was horrified I felt like killing him. But above all I was worried how Dhriti will react.

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