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Its about me

A Teenage Girl

It's about me.

I am a so called plus size teenage girl or as I like it a fat girl. Being a teenager is very difficult whether you are a girl or boy but being a girl I can say to be a girl is really terrible.

At first place it is difficult to hold hormonal rushes in body and then not having a nice figure, good academic reports, super sweet words and a jolly nature.

Everyone says they have been through this phase but no one understands the feelings of teenagers. People really don't get us.

If I watch animated series, they ask me to grow up but if I watch MTV they say aren't you still a kid to watch all this.

OK it happened when I was 13-14, now that I am 17 I watch it and the irony is that now my mother is also very much interested in watching MTV shows rather than those saas-bahu dramas.

The worst thing I face is when a really fat aunty comes to me and say beta you have put on a lot of weight. Beta it is problematic in future. If you have so problem then loose your weight first.

I know I am fat and no one needs to tell me that every time. I am fat, really fat but I am comfortable with it.

I really have no problem being fat the only problem are people who keep telling my mom that she needs to loose weight. Not only me but my mother as well as my father are also fat.

So, not much problem for me but still.....It is not as if I have not tried to loose weight but I never succeeded. I was not fat from childhood rather I was really thin.

I gained weight after 4th standard and now I am unstoppable.

Is it going boring but still any fat teen girl can relate to it.

And an advice to all of you just ignore these type of people they have been through all this and are passing it to next generation to carry forward.

But DONOT pass it next generation it is sometimes painful and that pain is unbearable. Just spread love and don't forget to love yourself.

This is me. This was all I can tell you about me. I am just another carefree, jolly, moody teen who is hard to handle. Thanks for reading and I will keep you updated.

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