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Pen and paper Fingers and keyboards


Pen and paper

Fingers and keyboards

A pen soon runs dry from air, as text will be deleted with a single touch

Searching, but never satisfied

My writing remains as blank as I expected, because I've written this before

I'll keep twisting the words I'm used to

Because satisfaction has not risen

My blood is flowing but not to the right places, not to where my head needs it

Expectations-great expectations

Come from those who now rely on them

My skin is becoming drier then the paper I grasp, sandier and dustier as I scratch to relieve anything-anything.

It just won't spill, the words I mean to say-the words I mean to write


To expect comfort in a significant other

These standards I seem to reach in a level of insignificance

Pen and paper

Pen and paper

All it takes is a flow to reach to you, to get you to know I care

Yet it all becomes dry, spilling will remained contained, expectations will remain unreached

All because a pen and paper could never be written upon

All because I couldn't be what you needed

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