Dear Ex Husband
Dear Ex Husband wife stories

_sophistic8ted Stressed but blessed
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Necessary closure for such a horrible chapter in the book of life

Dear Ex Husband

How do you live with yourself? No really do you sleep at night knowing that you're constantly living in a web of lies? When you leave this Earth...

is this really how you want to be remembered? You spent all of this time bad mouthing your own family when in reality you were no different. Maybe even worse.

Why would you enter my life and cause such unnecessary destruction? Why would you lie to and about your own flesh and blood?

I have nothing but questions for you but I feel that if I ever asked them face to face, things would not go over so well.

Congratulations! You've wasted four years of my life that I won't be able to get back but on the brighter side of things you've helped build a stronger woman than you've ever come to know.

A much wiser, much more cautious individual with a drive that is unmatched. I'm coming for everything I deserve and then some. I hope you are ready.

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