Corner Creatures (Part 2)
Corner Creatures (Part 2) horror stories

_senso_ 16 year old writer from Scotland.
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Do you see it? In the corner of your eyes?

Corner Creatures (Part 2)

I have never sat up so fast in my life, I basically fell out of my bed before sprinting to the nearest mirror.

I was trickling with sweat and shaking like a mad man, I wasn't sure what to make of everything I just witnessed, but at least I still had my skin.

I stared into the mirror for a long while, my skin didn't feel like my own and my body felt hollow, simply a shell for a perpetual void of endless capacity.

Continuing my morning I reached work and I could feel myself remaining on edge, I felt like I was being watched from every possible direction and I hated it.

Paranoia inflamed my thorax like a matchstick and I could barely take it, I searched my desk for anything to distract myself but when I looked down, I was holding the letter.

I began to feel dizzy and fell. My body slammed onto the carpet and groups of muffled voices surrounded me, I looked around dazed, confused and before I could even think, I lost my consciousness.

When I woke up I was in the Medical Room of where I work and after about 30 minutes of a back and forth with the Nurse, I was sent home for the day and told to take it easy.

I accepted defeat and took a slow drive home, I don't know what it was, but something didn't feel right at all when I opened my front door, everything was in place, but something just felt off.

That night I lay there, unable to sleep, deep in my own thoughts about the past few days, I was soon dragged out of my head by an ungodly scream of a man,

it bounced off of every wall and rang throughout the house, I sat in fear, that fear then became terror when I heard footsteps from my staircase.

They were wet, hard footsteps and they were coming my way, very, very slowly. I began to hear moaning outside of my door, a groan of a person who was in an inconceivable state of mind.

It kept going and going, what was once a moan was now an agonizing scream, it began banging on the door with more strength than a bull and eventually, the door opened.

The door opened slowly with a sound that I cannot describe and then it was quiet once more, I looked around and just before my eyes reached the left corner of my room, I froze.

In the corner of my room stood a tall black figure, a shadow, with big red eyes, it's neck twisted and torn in unimaginable ways.

It began twitching and soon it was approaching me, fast, but when I looked, it vanished.

Just like that, it was gone, whatever demon stood before me was exactly what Darryn described word for word.

The air fell cold, far colder than anything I had felt before, whispers from every direction filled my head with excruciating pain and that's when I saw him, or, them.

Darryn, Fergus and Bubbles stood at the bottom of my bed, they stared at me with blank faces, emotionless entirely.

They all resembled the same friends I had grown up with, but their eyes, they had no goddamn eyes, there was nothing inside, an endless tunnel of sin and misery.

I wanted to call out to them but before I could even get a word out, their mouths began to move, fast, jumbled, the only catch, no sound came out.

The room remained silent as Bubbles jaw cracked, skin tearing, Fergus had a sick smile on his face, an ear to ear grin, blood dripped from his toothless mouth but Darryn?

Darryn stood there motionless, crying tears of blood, they trickled down his face and onto the floor.

Darryn spoke, this time with an audible yet sickening tone. He said but one word.


He smiled at me and then all 3 of them looked in different directions around me.

During all of this, I failed to realise, I was completely surrounded, my peripheral vision filled with the same red eyes I knew so well.

I was being closed in on, no matter where I looked, only one would vanish, then reappear when I looked at another, they were playing with me all along, toying with my fear.

I started to panic and tried to get away with every bit of strength in me, but it was no use, they grabbed me and slammed me down onto my bed with my head on its side,

I could see them staring down at me, dozens of them with their sick fucking eyes.

They had no facial features besides their eyes yet they exhaled an awful sound of a dying animal.

This went on for what I perceived as an eternity before it finally happened,

I watched in horror as one of them held my head still and another brought what appeared to be 2 fingers over my eyes and pressed in on them.

A pressure unlike any other permeated my eye sockets, I felt as my eyeballs turned to mush in my own head, blood rushing to the now exposed holes in my skull,

I screamed in pain that I cannot describe, I just kept screaming, the remains of my eyes dripping from my skull in a thick mushy mess,

the entities let me go but I knew for a fact that those fuckers were still there, smiling.

I could sense a hand over my stomach, it was rubbing it, I hated it.

"Get the fuck off of me!

" I screamed, lashing out, I tried to kick or punch any of them, but no contact was made, I felt another wave of agony as my stomach was cut, a sharp,

never-ending feeling of nausea came over me and I vomited, all of my limbs were being cut now and then it all came to an end when what felt like a sledgehammer thrashed through my belly.

A thick coppery liquid filled my mouth, I knew what it was, I was no alien to blood.

I could feel all of their eyes on me, many, many more than before, a gentle cold slowly came over me as crimson fluid entered my lungs pumping them full.

I thought about Darryn, Bubbles, Fergus and of my fallen comrades, the pain they had gone through was now my own.

tears slipped down my blood-soaked face and into my mouth, I knew this was the end, I'm coming my friends.

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