He’s the one that Pushed me... chapter 1
He’s the one that Pushed me... chapter 1 stories

_secrets_ im new to the app. dont judge.
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Maddy met him years ago... they were best friends... they recently found each other now they are attracted to each other, he has a dark secret want to find out?

He’s the one that Pushed me... chapter 1

I sat at the dining room table bearly able to eat. Mum came and sat beside me. “Darling, What’s wrong?” She placed her hand on my back and moved my hair onto my back.

“Nothing.” I say sadly looking at my dinner resting my hands each beside my plate. “You have to eat something. You can’t just starve.” She says worriedly

I push away from the table gently, getting up and walking to my room pushing and locking the door behind me. I lay on my bed as the thoughts of what death would be like battle the good ones in my head.

I sit at my computer looking through my FaceTime contacts and suddenly I remembers him, as fast as I could I typed in the search bar and chanted his name... “Jake, Jake, Jake...”

I found his account and without hesitation, clicked Add. I waited patiently looking at the screen for hours. After 3 or 4 hours I grabbed a bottle of Cocodimol and walks to the bathroom. I poured a couple in my hand and got to my knees.

I put my hand to my mouth and then heard a ping come from my computer. I dropped the pills and ran to the seat closing my eyes and taking a deep breath as I peeped at the screen I saw the add button had turned to say ‘You and Jake are now friends.

I cried out of excitement and pressed message. I typed: ‘Hey can you remember me we used to live next door?’ Almost instantly he was replying. He typed: ‘ Yeah oh my god Maddy !, can I FaceTime you?’

I clicked video call panicking. Suddenly his big blue eyes and long floppy blond hair pooped on the screen, “Jake oh my god! You’ve changed so much!” I said, falling in love with his beautiful face.

“Yeah, you’ve turned into a beauty, I’m just a beast.” He said chuckling. “Well whoever is your current beauty. I’m jealous!” I said putting my hand on my cheek. “So how’s Great Yarmouth?”he said moving his hand to itch his neck.

“I’ve moved to LA now, my mum insisted I get a good college if I want to be an actor so here I am.” I sat like it’s nothing Dramatic. “That’s fantastic! Im still stuck in Africa.” He said sadly

“Can I ask you something?” He said looking down. “Yeah sure!” I say as my eyes light up...

Hey guys it’s the author here! I hope u liked my first story!

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