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Leo runs away


Leo is a dog. But Leo is also much more than that.

Leo can open doors with his mouth. Leo brings his food bowl wherever the humans are. Leo howls and tilts his head when the phone rings. And Leo runs away.

I didn't know any of these traits until I had the pleasure of staying with Leo for a whole week.

We met as strangers politely obliging to another's needs. Well, mostly his needs. I fed him when he needed to be fed, walked him when he needed to be walked, and he kindly refrained from causing a ruckus while I slept.

But the honeymoon period was short.

On day two, there was a knock at the front door. On the other side was a tall policewoman. I unlocked and opened the door. She kindly introduced herself while handing me papers signifying a noise complaint regarding Leo.

I work in the mornings, so I assumed it had to have been while I was away. Up to that point, I had never heard this dog growl, let alone howl. I apologized to the officer and notified her that I was pet sitting and it wouldn't happen again.

I looked at Leo, still confused because he seemed so sweet and innocent.

I went to bed that night, Leo laying in his bed next to mine and didn't wake until morning. He was a seemingly perfect angel all evening.

Waking up at 4:00am isn't normal for most people, but for me it's routine. When I awoke, Leo was right where he was when we went to bed.

However, I walked downstairs and noticed the front door was wide open!

My phone had three missed calls and several text messages from the owners saying they had been contacted because Leo had run away.

I later found out that Leo had let himself out not once, but twice that night! All because I didn't lock the front door after talking with the police officer.

Like I said, Leo is more than just a dog.

He's intelligent He's sweet He loves his people

And he always loves to come back after he's run away.

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