Blood Lust (Chapter 1)
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When you are a vampire and you have a pet cat that is incredibly annoying, Wil you survive this story? Chapter 2 is out

Blood Lust (Chapter 1)

I stared at the horizon which was fully covered with clouds. A red eerie that colored the sky, reminding tonight was the most important night of my life. I checked my watch to see what time it was, and stared at it in horror.

My watch had said 11:20 pm. I had only 10 minutes to get to the Gathering. I turned around and scowled at Nyx. "Why didn't you tell me it was 11:20 pm!" Nyx just purred sleepily. She sounded annoyed, Well most cats sounded annoyed anyway.

"Oh, Well, You best hurry then." She purred out annoyingly. I rolled my eyes. I regretted choosing a spirit animal for my guide. Nyx was a magical cat, that was a guardian and also was extremely annoying. But she did have perks.

I grabbed my backpack and carefully grabbed Nyx, trying not to get claw scratches from her. I quickly put her in my backpack, zipping it up, leaving a gap so Nyx could breathe. She showed her fangs, I rolled my eyes. Nyx was really annoyed which I could see. I was also annoyed. I couldn't be late for my first Gathering.

I looked at my watch again, It was 11:25. I had 5 minutes to get there, If I missed it I couldn't get into the Night realm and couldn't be accepted. I could not let that happen. I swung my bag over my shoulder and started to run through the night.

The wind was flowing through my hair, I looked around and saw miles and miles through my eyes. It was Midnight, still some people were awake, I had to be careful. I wasn't a criminal or anything. In fact I had a secret.

It was because well, I

It was because well, I am

It was because well, I am not

It was because well, I am not a

It was because well, I am not a human.

It was because well, I am not a human. In fact

It was because well, I am not a human. In fact.

It was because well, I am not a human. In fact..

It was because well, I am not a human. In fact...


I am

I am a

I am a Vampire.

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