The Greatest Act
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_poems_ Letting the feels out with some rhyme
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Oh what a show I write for you The biggest smile I draw for you

The Greatest Act

Oh... what a show I write for you The biggest smile I draw for you Oh... what a mask I wear for you I sprinkle happiness all through

The world is not enough to show The moon and stars - I fly beyond I soar the skies, I live so high You'd never guess I live a lie

If I just pull back this fake curtain And let you peek into my burdens My flights are really just a fall I climb just to escape it all

I never show the heavy darkness That's always lurking in my heart The crippling pain of constant heartache With every breath, I fall apart

So many losses - as clear as day Life's disappointments ring in my ears Each failed dream - an open wound Won't let my heart just beat in peace

I'm quiet, romantic... I'm a dreamer I think too much, too much I read I've tasted many bitter pills That life just keeps on handing me

So here I'm standing... naked... pathetic... More honest than I've ever been Before I return back to my main act And once again forget my tears

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