What They Don't Know Part 2
What They Don't Know
Part 2 they stories

_notlikeothers_ NotLikeOtherPeople🎈
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2nd part of What They Don't Know!!

What They Don't Know Part 2

by _notlikeothers_

We are all very different and unique,

But some of us are slightly different from everyone unique. They are different from the rest of us and they are different for the better.

Since he was a kid, he knew his life would be different...

He knew whe would do something, anything to make people happy...

So he tried to make everybody around him happy by...

Sharing their sorrows and being their support, but as he helped everyone that he came in touch with he learned that not everybody could be ok.

But that didn't stop him from trying...

And luckily he was abel to help everyone.

Everyone except himself.

He was always one to joke around,

Not taking things seriously and living the moment, but when the time had come he knew that he too would need someone's hand to hold him together.

He had excelent grades, a wide smile

And an attitude that everyone loved, but surely under all the smiles there would lay a horrible monster waiting to tower upon his giddy personality.

He thought about this monster that was growing inside of him

And he didn't want the people around him to see this part of him...

So he decided to go away for a while...

And there, finally let his monster out...

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