What They Don't Know Part 1
What They Don't Know
Part 1 they stories

_notlikeothers_ NotLikeOtherPeople🎈
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I'm actually writing this book on Wattpad as it was originally suppose to be written there, but I kind of want to know your opinion so please comment below!!

What They Don't Know Part 1

by _notlikeothers_

Everyone has someone in their life

That tells them how to get through horrible times, a shoulder to lean on for support or a person they trust with everything, but she had no-one...

Of course she had friends,

But they were only with her because of her money and popularity, and she knew that the moment one of them saw her break down, they would use that against her.

Her parents weren't exacly the best,

Because they paid more attention to their work than towards their only daughter. She tried to be the perfect daughter for them, but their work was slightly more important then their only heritor

She stopped trying to live up to their expectations

And decided to interfear. She began staying out late, drinking, fighting and completly changed herself, but before it could get out of hand, they decided to send her away...

As she got farther away from her 'family',

She realized that she didn't need them or anyone for that matter, and for that she was greateful.

She could finally stop doing all the things she dreaded...

She could finally stop drinking, She could finally sleep early, She could finally read all day if she wished And finally stop being rude...

Yes, she started doing all of those things because of them.

To get their attention mainly, but they didn't want her...

They never did...

When she arrived at the place where she knew she would

Get her freedom and finally be abel to be herself, she couldn't help but smile at the thought of finally starting over...

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