Over Again
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Over Again

by _notlikeothers_

I know I made a huge mistake

The moment I saw her face filled with tears, sadness and betrayl.

I knew it would ruin my life forever

And that I would regret it soon after, and I couldn't be anymore right.

But after the first time, I just couldn't stop

Not even for her, nkt even to save our relationship.

I said I'd never leave her, I promised to protect her

From everything and everyone that would ever do her wrong, but I couldn't save her from the one person she trusted more than herself


I understand that what I did to her is wrong and I accept it, but I still miss her.

I never knew that a supid action from my behalf could ruin

My one source of happiness...


She can take your pain away with a breathtaking smile, mend your broken heart with a hug, lighten every sorrow that's weighing you down with a touch of a hand

And save you from the horrible person you have become

With a few minutes of staring into those beautiful briwn eyes of hers.

She tried to fix me

And even I thought it was working, but I guess people never change.

She's an amgel sent from heaven and I'm just the devil

Waiting to ruin her and take every ounce of beauty she has.

Until this day I still ask myself why she chose me...

She's smart, funny, kind-hearted, irrisistable, trust-worthy, inoccent and just perfect

And I'm just the horrible person who broke her heart.

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