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So I haven't written on here in a LONG time and I came up with this the other day so I thought 'Why not?' enjoy!!!

As Kids

by _notlikeothers_

We hope to live new and exciting things each day

Our dreams are filled with happiness and everything we love

We want a world without rules

To eat candy for breakfast and ice cream for dinner

We wish that one day someone will say "No more school"

We make it our goal in life to get what we want

And whine when we don't

Everybody gets along in school

You never get judged for doing and thinking what you want

The weirder you are, the better

But one day

Everything will change

And when it happens

We won't have those thoughts any more

People will begin to judge

People will leave

People will come

And some will even hurt you more than you ever thought

Our mind will just be filled with negitivity

Heartbreak, sadness, sorrows and judgment

But we will never forget what we lived as kids.

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