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A utopian land where diligence and integrity rules is never a far-fetched dream.
A very happy Independence day to one and all !!


Its a place where you can freely wander,

A land where you shall breathe and not ponder,

An abode of peace, no load on your shoulder,

Yes! its a place where there is no landholder!

A land of true followers of democracy,

A land where words have genuine consistency,

A reign of neither the poor nor the aristocracy,

Yes! Its a place where everyone has supremacy!

A place where you have the desired privacy,

A land of the benevolent, where people come running in your emergency,

A place where each one can afford pharma and literacy,

Yes! Its a place of all happiness with no poignancy!

A place where you are treated equally,

A land where you're not tricked treacherously,

A land where you can raise your voice boldly,

Yes! Its a place where men are served impartially!

A place where people are not selfish,

A land where they are willing to fulfil each other's wish,

A land where the monstrous corruption is abolished,

Yes! Its a place where mutual love has flourished !

A place where you have a life of your choice,

A land where each day you have infinite reasons to rejoice,

A land where a martyr's sacrifice is truly recognized,

Yes! Its a place where peace and harmony remain synchronized !

A place where the birds can take a free flight,

A land where the sun rises beautiful and bright,

A land where leaves dance in the broad daylight,

Yes! Its a place where freedom rules with all its might!

~~Mihika Rohatgi @_myheartwrites_

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