I am a GIRL- I am ME
I am a GIRL- I am ME bold stories
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_myheartwrites_ Believe in Yourself. Be the one and only
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Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. Being a woman is an achievement in itself. She is complete and she makes something complete. She is an oasis, a shady bower on a sweltering summer noon. She is an epitome of strength and a harbinger of life. The self effacing figure of motherhood who shapes the future with her gentleness and yet is potentially invincible.I am a girl and I am a proud owner of me.

I am a GIRL- I am ME

Are you always intrigued...why a girl child?

Is she wild , or perhaps, selflessly mild?

We are real, we are not fake,

We can leave the world bewildered with what we can mar or make.

We are born with a fire inside us

And will keep burning the flame till we attain the purpose.

We promise you, we will always be ahead

Till our last breath, till we are dead.

We can never be suppressed,

We shall never be depressed,

We will rise high, never to pause ; not to impress

We will seize our freedom, we are never shy

We are the stars who have dropped down from the endless sky!

We can rule the world, we can be the world ,

And leave the gaping eyes with our unheeded wings unfurled.

By- MIHIKA ROHATGI @_myheartwrites_

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