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"Dreams never Die". Dreams are a way of escaping occasionally from the reality. Yes, dreams are a ray of hope in our lives. The world of fantasies and imagination rejuvenates and refreshes us to live another beautiful day of our life . A flight of imagination to the serene land of dreams comforts our soul and helps us to live rather than passively accepting a mundane existence!

A Dream I Dreamt

I was so keen,

To venture out into a place I've never been.

Could be a massive haunted house,

Or as small as the burrow of a mouse.

Could be as ancient as the ruins of a palace,

Or as intriguing as the adventures of Alice.

As tranquil as sitting in a park,

Or as ferocious as an angry chasing shark!

Perhaps, as majestic as an old banyan tree,

Or as new as an infant born to be.

Could be as dazzling as the rays of the sun,

Or as dark and evil as a playful raven.

A full moon night with stars twinkling in the sky

Or a utopian land where no one would rather cry!

I would neither know where I was going,

Nor the pictures of the place they would be showing.

Brimming with thrill, fear or anger;

I may suddenly realize, the place was

Nothing more than a stable with a manger!!

I woke up with a start to the call of my duties,

Leaving far behind all my fantasies and beauties.

-- Mihika Rohatgi @_myheartwrites_

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