Witches and Wizards - 2in1 poems
Witches and Wizards - 2in1 poems witches-and-wizards stories

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Witches and Wizards - 2in1 poems

Part 1- Witches

Darkness fills the moors,

evil or fear stummbles through the grass

and he notices a woman sitting by a pot of brass

surrounded by herbs such as Hawthorn berries

and devils cherries.

but she looks up and see's

she stands then starts to run

for she knows the witch hunter, hunts only for fun

the 'witch' starts to slow when she see's the door green

she reaches for the door handle and is quick for she must not be seen.

she is now no longer safe

at each window there is a man in red

'come out you witch' is what they said

there is no where to go

so she waits for her death, her death that will be slow.

Part 2- Wizards

Fall among the valleys to hide and crep,

Find the puddles of wisdom and swim a mile deep

To ask the wizard why it is I bleed and weep

To give me an honest answer and no deceitful weave

Can he tell me why this is what ive come to be

I see the wizard and he’s drawn deep within,

Deep inside his mystic skin.

Destroyed by his own heroin sin

So I restart but where to begin

A flash of light and I return,

Back to this place of disconcern

on the banks of a painful stream

was I gone or was it a dream

if even the wizard can fall foul,

to the acute viciousness of the crowd

and easily surrender his magical crown.

what hope is there for us all,

earth bound naturally,

but hell bound after all

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