Lies lies-2018 stories
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_luna_ ˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙ǝɯıʇ ʞɔɐq uɹnʇ plnoɔ ǝʍ ɥsıʍ
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When we first started out

We were doing good.

Then i found out you was

Just playing with my heart

Tearing it all apart.

You made it so easy to fall for you

But so hard to get over you.

The girl i met, that you said was just a friend

Was really ya girl that was just waiting

For me and you to be through

So she could be the next official girl in your life

Why couldn't you have told me the truth

Now im sitting here stuck

Sucked into this misery

Looking for something or someone

To soothe, what you tore in two.

One thing, I cant get over,

And never will understand is

All the Lies

You could have been real with me

But now its over

And you will forever be

The one that kept telling me lies.

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