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We're true to the end United we stand

Hufflepuff poem

We're true to the end

United we stand

So I stand with my friends.

I may not be the bravest,

Or the one with the sharpest wit,

I don't have the purest blood,

But the virtues that are my greatest

Are the ones to love, trust and care.

I know I am honest,

I know I am fair,

And when you are hurting

You know that I am there.

I stood there thinking of the Hufflepuffs true,

Isn't everyone a Hufflepuff too?

Of course, the Sorting Hat says,

"You might belong in Hufflepuff,

Where they are just and loyal and true."

All these years we've been waiting

For someone just like you.

But whatever great things you go onto

Please remember this:

While the other houses strive on

Names, intelligence, and bravery,

We're the house that will take you in

Even if you're a nobody.

Because no one should have no one;

And you are no longer a nobody.

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