13 Unicorn Poems
13 Unicorn Poems unicorn stories

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13 Unicorn Poems


The dragon and unicorn

Looked straight into each other's eyes.

Before the hour passed,

One of them had to die.

Eyes that would fill your heart with fright,

Wings black as night,

In fierce combat they will fight;

Dragon and unicorn unite.

The unicorn circled around,

But the dragon never let his guard down.

Hooves hit the ground

With a thundering sound.

Charging into the night,

His horn burned bright with light.

He went to slay the deadly beast;

He wasn't afraid in the least.

The purity of the horn in his heart

Would shatter his soul and break it apart.

The light would pierce through the dragon's pride;

It divided the darkness deep inside.

A young girl watched as he did fly;

The beast winced with pain in his eye,

But then her faint heart skipped a beat,

As the dragon crushed him under his feet.

The princess fell onto her knees;

She screamed out loud, 'No, please! '

It was too late - tears filled her eyes;

The unicorn lay down to die.

His pure white coat was stained with blood;

His mane was messed up in the mud.

His last breath had been spent;

His life ended in a moment.

The princess held him in vain;

She could not stand to see his pain.

His blood was spilled - it left a stain;

Then the sky started to rain.

His horn, like starlight, stopped showing;

Glittering, gleaming, and glowing.

In the end, her wounded friend

Had no more light to lend.

The unicorn had met his death;

He fell down with a drop.

The whole world seemed to hold its breath,

As time came to a stop.

The unicorn no mortal could kill

Fell to the dragon’s dark will.

Time itself stood still

Upon that dark hill.


It's the most wonderful thing I've ever seen;

This meadow is like no place I’ve been.

I ran through a great forest and soon I came

To a hidden valley that had no name.

I stopped and turned - what did I see?

There was a unicorn, proud as could be.

A clever creature that no hunter could capture;

Who could resist its radiant rapture?

It looked at me as if I were a child;

Its manner was mild, though it was wild.

It saw through my soul with a glace;

I found myself lost - trapped in a trance.

Its eyes were deeper than eternity,

For they could see beyond reality.

And for a moment, we stood there silently;

Waking from this dream, it turned from me.


To the top of the mountain it came,

The unicorn that couldn't be tamed.

This is a world where you can't be,

A magical place we can't see.

At the edge of the world, where earth and sky are one,2

From a distance, I saw it in the setting sun.

A bright light came from the tip of its long white horn;

From it, a rainbow was born.

Then in a moment, the magic was gone,

Fleeing through the forest like a frightened fawn.

The mist swirled around and made it disappear,

Leaving me to wonder whether it was here.

Round in a circle, her hooves flashed away;

Then the trees stood alone in the light of day.

Her neck drawn down, her graceful gaze was so serene;

She left without a trace of having been there at the scene.


The enchanted forest was such a peaceful place;

The breathtaking sight made her heart race.

Light filled the little meadow where she stood,

As a white unicorn came through the wood.

The princess gasped, taking a step,

Reaching out her hand with such gentle grace.

The unicorn came forward;

Emerging from his hiding place.

His ears twitched forward at the slightest sound;

He stopped, looking to see who was around.

And with one touch, her wish was made,

Sealed in the silence of that solemn serenade.

In that touch, their souls joined in song;

For they had always been one all along.

The unicorn made her heart sing,

It was the rarest living thing.


Innocent as can be,

Perfect in your purity;

Cunning creature of love and light,

Matchless majesty and might.

All that is left of mystery

And legend lives inside of me.

Spiraling around times seven,

The horn on my head points to heaven.

They say my horn is made of magic;

If I should die, it would be tragic.

I am a unicorn - I have a horn so pure,

For any known illness, it is a cure.

Fleeting glimpses are all that I can give

To the pure of heart so they know I live.

A noble creature - a true work of art;

I'm only seen by the pure of heart.


Once when he was younger,

He laughed at the thought of capture;

But now he fears, though he was free,

Something has happened to his family.

He runs from those who would

Try to capture him if only they could.

He hides by day and travels by the night,

The unicorn whose coat is white.

He is the last one of his breed,

The rest are gone, for all man's greed.

For no more will be born,

To take the place of the last unicorn.

Is he the last one of his kind?

Are there others he could find?

He has a place no one will find,

For he lives in my heart and mind.


Walking under a waterfall,

In the distance, I heard him call.

Standing in the moonlight,

A horn glowed bright with light.

He stared, challenging me to ride;

I couldn't keep up even if I tried.

He turned and passed me by;

I had to catch him, or at least try.

I felt the wind rush past my face

While we flew through the forest and raced.

Branches swayed softly in the breeze;

Lush green leaves fell from trees.

Racing at the speed of light,

I couldn't follow him in flight.

Then it turned and ran out of sight,

Leaving me there alone that night.


The princess just wanted a look;

Slowly she knelt beside the brook.

The unicorn stepped out into sight,

Walking in the warm, lovely light.

And as the unicorn stood there,

She could not help but stop and stare.

But then, as she reached out her arm,

Its ears pricked up, for fear of harm.

She touched him ever so gently,

But scared him accidentally;

For at the soft touch of her hand,

The unicorn could understand.

The unicorn neighed softly

And galloped away gracefully.

The vision took her breath away;

Would she see it again someday?


Walking to me, at first shyly,

It came over, shaking its mane.

Hearing hooves pounding on the path,

I turned just as it came.

I was sent to trap it, you see,

But as I watched, it occurred to me:

Who could do such a terrible thing?

I thought about the pain it would bring.

It was such a heavenly sight,

Meeting this creature of pure light.

My eyes would never leave that place;

I kept staring off into space.

The unicorn runs wild and free;

That's the way it was meant to be.

But in my heart, there'll always be

The magic of this memory.


The unicorn ran through a forest of green,

So swiftly she was seldom seen.

Wherever she went, with each hoof-beat,

Flowers grew down at her feet.

With each step, I could hear no sound,

As if her feet never touched the ground.

Then she stopped and paused at a pool;

The crystal cascades felt so cool.

For a brief moment in time,

Her emerald eyes met with mine.

I searched for words, but there were none;

The unicorn and I were one.

The unicorn came closer;

I reached out to touch her.

Then it turned and ran away,

Leaving me alone that day.


I knelt down by a stream;

Did I just see it there?

I knew it was no dream;

I stopped to stare.

I see it every day,

Before it bounds away.

I feel it’s near;

I know it has been here.

They are still unaware;

They don't know that it's there.

They wouldn't know where;

They're so blind they don't care.

You think she's just a horse;

Yet you don't know, of course.

But if your heart is pure and true,

The unicorn will come to you.


In an enchanted forest,

A baby unicorn was born.

From his parents he was torn;

They were killed for their horns.

Heaven has been hidden,

Forever forbidden.

Each tear was worth

More than the earth.

At the edge of the wood

The white unicorn stood,

Stepping into the shade

Of the forest glade.

The unicorn could see

That once the world was free,

But that was so

Very long ago.


Early in the morning,

About the break of day,

Hoof beats came crashing

Along the narrow way.

The unicorn is white;

Its horn glows bright with light.

I feel no sense of fright;

What a wonderful sight!

I'll hold you in my arms;

There's no need for alarm.

The magic of your charm

Protects you from all harm.

You wander the world,

But cannot be caught;

The faith I forgot.

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