Laughter is the Best Medicine
 Laughter is the Best Medicine romance stories

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Umm I dont nessicarly like this story that much I feel like I could have detailed it more but ehh its ok

Laughter is the Best Medicine

You always knew how to make me laugh no matter what,

Like that time I was about to smack you in the head with that cutting board I don't even remember why I was so mad but you hid in the closet and came out with football pads on and

the laughter you brought to my mouth melted all my anger away you were always so good at that.

Like the day before our wedding when I was freaking out over some flower arrangement or decoration or something in the hoodie that I always wore because it smelt like you with curlers in

my hair and you got down on one knee and told me that you had never been more attracted to someone and asked me to marry you (again) I giggled and laughed so much that I got the hiccups.

No matter what we were doing you could make it fun Like the thunderstorm picnic in the basement or the tax day messages or when I was sick and had to miss our daughters Christmas pageant and

so you dressed up as a reindeer so yall could show me her dance or a million other times you made me laugh that I don't even remember because it happened at least 10-11 times a day so

now I don't know what to do, I've never been the one who has had to do the cheering up before,

you've never been the somber one it was always me or someone else but never you but if you taught me anything it's that the smallest things can bring joy and happiness and any occasion can

be fun or happy so I'm not giving up I'll tell you every knock-knock joke and learn every single pun.

And dress up funny and dance crazily and do whatever I have to do until I get you to smile again because trust me,

My love, you will smile again even if I spend the rest of my life trying and trying you will smile because it's what your face was meant to do.

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