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Its not the argument. Not the goodbye.


Its not the argument.

Not the goodbye.

Not the akward bumping into each other on the streets.

Alone. Thats when you notice the knife she has left in your guts

The pain of realizing how much power she still got over you.

Whereever she goes.

The unending possibilities of what could be...

Why are we combining all of them only to hurt ourselves?

Theres no similar pain to losing someone you truly love from your life.

Even if its slow.

And again its the lonely moments when we notice.

Its ironic how we are the only ones who can harm us like that... and still have no control over it.

Thinking the worst future to life

Its disgusting; barbaric even.

Still we are our only and best chance of surving our thoughts

After all we are still here.

Never to have lost before.

You got this.

I got this.

Never alone.

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