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_jae every falls, u gotta get up
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Its just a raw feeling


I used to have a lot of friends, but as time goes by..the number becoming lesser and lesser. As we all have pick different roads and careers. We could barely met and I believe some of us have forgot our middle name.*chuckles

And I'm not really good in expressing my emotions, barely shares feelings with others even with my own parents. I always believe that even if I told others what's inside my heart, it wouldnt change anything. I won't get any answer to my problems.

I know its not true. But sharing what's bothering me are kinda difficult as I am afraid people would give a bad reactions to it.

What I did to find my own consolation was by reading some good quotes or blog that I could relate to. These people shares how they're getting through it and wrote it with such beautiful way and its really comforting. ☺

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