fifteen lgbtq stories

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inspired by a short film


this is me at fifteen.

listening to girl in red,

sprawled across a beanbag chair,

hands stretched to the ceiling,

feeling the music,

trying to touch the waves of sound.

this is her at fifteen.

scritching and scratching away

in a little blue notebook

while we walk,

autumn leaves crunching underfoot.

this is us at fifteen,

holding hands,

walking across the field,

faces flushed crimson,

getting ridiculed,

getting called names,

getting admired,

earning smiles.

then came the stage of heaven,

we didn't care who was watching us

or what they thought.

we just hugged

and kissed

when we wanted to

and felt free.

and then it came crashing down,

but slowly,


first came the awkward pauses

where we didn't know what to say.

then the arguments

that weren't really arguments

when neither of us

could get our ways.

so we went our separate ones.

this is us at fifteen,

no longer together,

but still whole.

this is us

celebrating who we are

who we want to be

what we know we could be.

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