A tale of love
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All things beautiful and flawed; a tale of love.

A tale of love

It was in the summer, when they met. Fate had decided, to play a little game. And they had got caught, in Cupid's net.

A sandy beach, two lovers just within reach. The midnight sky, adorned with twinkling stars. And a tale of love, that might not be ours.

A crackling bonfire, that sets their hearts on fire. His eyes a glistening shade of green, that she couldn't fail to admire. Her laughter dripping with perfection, that only ignited a spark of desire. So let their love set the sky on fire.

She was all sorts of broken, but she was lost within an ocean. He was all sorts of flawed, but that was just a notion. Their lives were meant to be interwoven.

She was consumed with wanderlust, and he was made with stardust. Together they created gold dust, but that meant the world would combust. They were just consumed by lust, So why not let it rain cosmic dust?

She could light up an empty room, was their love about to bloom? He had a charming charisma, but oh boy was he a wonderful enigma. And the two together painted a beautiful picture.

She was dazzling and all things delightful, and held a heart that was very insightful. He was enchanting and all things wonderful, and held a heart that was very mindful. To be together was vital.

Her soul sang an intoxicating melody, that only fuelled their chemistry. For only his soul could understand the complexity. To be together was their destiny. But would such a love end messily?

A little twist of fate, as the world tried to tear them apart. But who dares mess with matters of the heart? For to fall apart, might just become a work of art. After all the world only contains artificial hearts. It is the soul that is the true Master of Arts. And theirs fought to never become counterparts.

This tale ends in the winter, again with a crackling bonfire that begins to flicker. Warm hugs and stolen kisses, as the midnight sky above them begins to glimmer. The flames of desire are hard to simmer, their love will surely rain cosmic glitter.

The universe fights for souls to be together, enjoy the adventure at your leisure. For souls are already bound together, let life take you on a journey for at the end there is a treasure.

A reward of a love so tender, that nothing could measure. For fate is a lover in disguise, that will never die. Let it gift you a love, that leaves you on an intoxicated high.

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