A note of heartbreak
A note of heartbreak  strenghth stories

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~A note from someone who’s had their heartbroken

A note of heartbreak

One day you decided that I wasn’t enough, perhaps I just wasn’t good enough. You decided to give up, and we broke apart and became undone.

You just left, leaving me in a dizzying state of unrest. I cried and cried, was this all just a test?

You left a paper trail of memories, scattered in the broken planes of my heart. How did this happen, we weren’t meant to fall apart.

You ruined our work of art, and tore it all apart. All the while smiling and calling me sweetheart, in reality you had teared us apart. You had committed the crime of destroying both our hearts.

You had a whole world to set alight, but you chose to burn me instead. And told me to carefully tread, but all around me was red. You had been misled and destroyed my faith, so you could mess with my head. You let us dangle by a tiny little thread.

You set fire to all the remaining little fragments, and all the attachments went up in flames. I had to learn to live with your absence, but I was out of balance. You had set fire to my soul and within it left a gaping hole.

You burnt me. You scarred me. You broke me. But, I was brave. I was strong. I learnt to heal.

And piece by piece I collected all the broken fragments, as if it were a special talent. I learnt to heal all on my own, your true colours had been shown. Getting over you was a stepping stone.

I rose from the ashes that you had left me, and oh what a future the world held for me. I had become a voyager at sea, for now I was truly free. I hope you look at me, is that what you see?

I want you to see all that you gave up, go on take a look closeup. Was what we had true love? We had taken a sip from the devils cup and mixed it with a potion of love.

We had a chemistry like no other, the flames of which were hard to smother. But the irony is you burnt me with those very flames only a couple of months later, each hit one after another.

The months together, we had fun, we danced, we laughed, we lived, most importantly we loved.

It was you, who gave that all up. Now you look at the stars in my eyes, the smile on my lips, the anchor in my soul and I hope you see all the severed ties.

You watch me with hooded eyes and want, something just out of your reach. Something for you to latch on, and keep. So you wait for the lapse in time to come make peace.

But that’s the thing, the walls of my heart won’t cease. Even though we may just have been a beautiful masterpiece, loving you was a tragedy.

You wreaked havoc in my soul like a storm, that was born to destroy everything in its wake. Who knew that it was me you were meant to take, and break.

This is a note of goodbye, I hope it makes you cry. The scarred pieces of my soul still yearn for you, but I turn a blind eye. You should understand why.

Look up at the sky, we’re all made of stardust, all beautiful and flawed. We’re just strangers passing by, good- bye. - the healing process of a broken heart

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