Gone A sequel to "Confessions" By _HaikyuuTrash_

A sequel to "Confessions"

By _HaikyuuTrash_ haikyuu stories

_haikyuutrash_ I just like musicals and haikyuu :')
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They've been dating for 7 months. Hinata invites his boyfriend over one friday after practice. Everything is bliss. For now.


Gone A sequel to "Confessions" By _HaikyuuTrash_

"Tobio!" Hinata called from outside the club room. Usually he didn't take this long to change. "So-sorry." Kageyama burst through the door. "Mixed up my clothes and Tsukki's." Hinata couldn't help but laugh. "What're you laughing at, dumbass?" The raven haired setter yelled at the giggling baby crow. "Sorry-" He said between giggles.

"Sigh- lets just go." Kageyama raced him downstairs (Hinata won), and once they got down to their bikes they we both smiling and trying not to laugh at their stupidity. They'd been dating for over 7 months now. Everything was bliss. "Hey, Tobio, do you wanna walk home today?" "What about the bikes?" "We can just walk them." "Sure," Kageyama shrugged.

"Hey Tobio," Hinata said. "Mm?" Kageyama looked over. "How 'bout coming over to my house tonight? It's friday, we don't have anything going on." "Sure. I don't see why not." Kageyama smiled. He'd gotten better with smiling after having a tiny boyfriend. As they walked, their conversation took a very strange turn. "Hinata, do you ever think about how much you look like a crow?"

"pffft," He snorted. "no?" Kageyama smiled. Adorable, tiny boyfriend. He couldn't help himself. He threw down his bike, causing Hinata to look over in alarm. Kageyama leaped toward him and showered him in tickles. "Ka-Kag-Tobio!! Hinata shouted between fits of laughter. "St-stop it!!" He doubled over and tripped onto the sidewalk. Kags laughed, causing Hinata to laugh harder.

Hinata tumbled out into the road. He ran back onto the sidewalk and grabbed his bike. "Ha- we need to cross here anyway," The child-like decoy laughed. Just his laugh made Kageyama want to kiss him. Kageyama grabbed his bike and they began to cross. Hinata went first.

Suddenly, a car appeared. It was going too fast. Hinata's insane reflexes kicked in. "Tobio!" Hinata pushed Kageyama out of the way. The raven haired teen didn't have enough time to react- he tumbled out to the side, his bike falling to the side. "Sh-Shoyo!!"

A loud screech of the wheels. A cry of pain. Kageyama gasped, and ran towards his tiny, helpless boyfriend. The car drove off, leaving them in the road. Hinata's legs were a bloody mess, and his face, arms, and chest were riddled with cuts and bruises. Tobio picked him up, trying not to cry.

"nononono, stay with me, boke, don't leave me-" He breathed in between mostly dry sobs. Shoyo lay in his arms, feeble and weak, hardly able to move. Shoyo coughed as a thin stream of blood poured from his mouth. "t-tobio. . ." Shoyo's voice shuddered. "ssshhh, it's gonna be okay." Kageyama stroked his blood matted hair as the car pulled back up with an ambulance.

Two paramedics climbed out and lowered Shoyo onto a stretcher. They asked Tobio about his relations, his names and what happened. He clambered into the vehicle behind them. The whole way, Tobio gently stroked Shoyo's hair. When they arrived, they took Shoyo to the ICU where he couldn't go. He called his mom to let her know where he was but hung up before she could say anything.

Tobio sat in the waiting room, wondering if his boyfriend would ever come out of that room alive. He plunged into a silent panic attack. Suddenly, a doctor walked up to him, and told him that there wasn't anything they could do, and Shoyo was internally bleeding. He had about half an hour left, tops. He stood up and followed the doctor to his room. His parents and Natsu had already said goodbye to their sunshine.

"t-t-tobio-" Shoyo breathed. "shhhh. Its going to be fine." "no, its not," Shoyo looked up. Tobio took his hand in his own. "Tobio- I'm scared." Those words shook Tobio to the bone. He began to cry. Hot tears poured down his face as he pressed Shoyo's hand to his face.

"There's nothing to be scared of," Tobio smiled as tears poured down his cheeks. Shoyo smiled weakly, crying too. Shoyo lifted up his other hand shakily to touch his boyfriends face. "You were the best thing that ever happened to me." "Tobio?" "Yes?"

"Never, ever stop playing volleyball. Ever. Do you hear me?" Shoyo's breathy voice shook. He was running out of time-"No matter what happens." Tobio grinned, sobbing silently. Tobio gently slid his arms around the tiny, feeble, baby crow. They embraced lovingly one last time. Shoyo cried into his shoulder. "I love you so much," he sobbed.

Tobio moved up one of his hands to Shoyo's face. He caressed his cheek. Shoyo looked into his sapphire blue eyes. Tobio moved in for one last kiss. His breathing hitched as tears poured down his pale cheeks. Shoyo's lips were warm, soft and tasted of strawberries and blood. Tobio felt a deep affectionate rumble in his chest. Shoyo purred softly. His breathing grew faster.

Shoyo tensed up, and lovingly embraced his lover one last time before they met again in death. He pulled away and whispered in his ear. "I'll see you soon. I love you, Kageyama Tobio." He pulled in for a last kiss-

Shoyo's body relaxed. His lips began to turn cold. Tobio pulled away, shaking. He held the lost boy in his arms. He silently yelled in agony, as his boyfriend expired in his arms. There was nothing he could do, he thought. Shoyo was the one light in his life, one of the only reasons he still had the will to keep pushing. Now that was gone. His whole world had gone down the drain.

( 3 m o n t h s l a t e r ) Tobio held the bottle of Melatonin in his hand. Yes, he thought. I'll finally get to see Shoyo again. His parents had gone to bed, and this was his only chance for a long time. He poured out 3/4 of the bottle, crushed up the pills, and mixed it into some tea. He heated up his blankets in the dryer. Luckily everyone in his family were heavy sleepers.

Once his blankets were done, he crawled into bed with them plus his warm tea that would finally put an end to his suffering. Tobio's heart raced. He would finally get to see him again. He curled up in his warm blankets, and sipped his tea. he finished about five minutes later. Immediately the sleeping pills began to take effect. As he tried not to pass out, he reviewed his goodbye note to his family. It was good enough.

Tobio fell asleep. He felt his blankets fade away, and felt completely at ease. This was what bliss felt like, he was sure. He opened his eyes. All he could see was white. Was he dead? Of course. But then he saw Shoyo standing, waiting for him with a volleyball, pure and fresh as the sun. "Come on, Tobio!" His laughter rang. He ran towards the boy."What're you waiting for?" This was true bliss.

A/N Sorry this was so depressing; I really wanted to write down something sad. I'm so sorry :'( I love you all so much! See you on the other side! love, _HaikyuuTrash_

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